Granville Island Model Trains Museum
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Granville Island Model Trains Museum
Virtual Tours
Granville Island Model Trains Museum

Do I have to download additional software to view virtual tours?
There is no need to download plug-ins to view Panoramic Virtual Tours. If you have a Java-enabled Internet browser, you will be able to see our full-featured virtual tours. If you do not have a Java-enabled browser such as Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher please upgrade and make sure that Java is enabled.
Note for Macintosh Users: For best results, Internet Explorer users should have the Java virtual machine (in Preferences) set to use the Microsoft Virtual Machine and not the Apple MRJ.

Some of our tours do offer QuickTime versions. These tours offer higher quality images, but DO REQUIRE the QuickTime plug-in which is available from apple at:
This plug-in works on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

System requirements for viewing Virtual Tours
High Bandwidth
Pentium 133 or faster
128kbps modem or faster recommended.
Low Bandwidth
28.8kbps model or faster recommended

Browser requirements for viewing Virtual Tours:
Netscape 3 or higher
Internet Explorer 3 or higher
If you meet the above requirements but are still having trouble viewing the Virtual Tours, Java may be disabled on your browser. Please enable the use of Java in your Options or Preferences.

Granville Island Model Trains Museum
Granville Island Model Trains Museum

"I'm sure I have the flash player but the Flash site doesn't work for me, why?"
Please make sure you have the latest version of Flash (version 5 or higher) installed. You can check whether you have the latest version by going to:

Granville Island Model Trains Museum


Granville Island Model Trains Museum

"I can't seem to get the video to work. What am I doing wrong?"
Please make sure you have downloaded and installed the QuickTime plugin correctly. QuickTime is available for both th PC and Macintosh.

If you are behind a "Firewall" please talk to your Network Administrator or read about how to set this up on Apple's Site.

“When I try to play the videos it say's that it is an "Unknown File Type" how can I fix this?”
Make sure that you have the correct player installed. Window Media Player and Real Player may not work on some of the videos.

"The video is working but I can't hear the audio."
1) Make sure your speakers are on.
2) Make sure that you don't have your sound muted.
3) Make sure that you have QuickTime installed correctly and that you have the latest version.

"The Video seems choppy, is there a way to fix this?"
If you are using a dial up line, make sure you are on the “Low” bandwidth version of the movie, not the “High” version. Also make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime. Make sure you have your connection speed set correctly in QuickTime. To do this, open the QuickTime settings from the control panel and click on "Connection Speed" choose your connection speed. If the movie is still choppy, you can always lower the speed for better performance.

Granville Island Model Trains Museum


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